The goal of this rebranding initiative was to shift away from the previous playful tone towards a more mature and contemporary approach while ensuring accurate representation of our studio's work. Mooco is a versatile studio offering not only production services but also comprehensive project support across various disciplines.
2024 Mooco Studio Reel
Central to the rebranding effort was the creation of a logo featuring classic typography, serving as a foundation for our overarching concept. While many studios opt for variable logos to showcase diverse profiles and talents, we pursued a different direction. 
Our rebranding concept revolves around the idea that any member of the studio can contribute to the logo design. Each individual's unique perspective and expertise, whether they're in production or another department, can shape a distinct and personal "O". This approach results in a logo that truly embodies the collective creativity and diverse skill sets within our studio, representing each style and talent with authenticity.
The logo is done and it's every artist of MOOCO.
"O" of all kinds were created: 2d, 3d, vectorized minimalism, complex illustrations and animations that represent the essence of motion graphics.
Proyecto executed by MOOCO Studio
Executive Producer: Francisco Romairone
Producer: Paula Casadei
Creative Direction & Design : Mila Fiuza
Site design & Social Media Director: Carlos Mendez
Graphics Designers: Lautaro Vazquez / Aili Ayelen / Nils Cabral Alcoleas / Agus Buonpadre / Mirna Lopez
3D Artists: Daniel Rivas / Iñaki taberna / Lucia Retamales
"O" Illustration: Gonzalo Jimena 
Motion Graphics: Juan Pignataro / Ignacio garibotto / Oscar Marulanda / Lisandro Diez 

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